Best Oil Filters

It is the responsibility of the car owner to ensure that his or her car is well maintained. Oil filters play an important function in any vehicles. They greatly help in improving the performance of the vehicle by removing all the contaminants. This prevents any unnecessary debris from reaching the engine. The engine can, therefore, run smoothly since it is supplied with clean oil. There are different types of oil filters, but some are designed for specific vehicles. You should ensure that you have the best oil filter for the specific vehicle. Here are the best oil filters that you can purchase for your vehicle.

Subaru-15208AA12A Oil Filters

These filters are specifically designed for the Subaru vehicles. They help in increasing the efficiency of oil in the engine thus improving the performance of your vehicle.

This filter is highly compatible with nearly all the Subaru vehicles. It is an ideal option for replacing the OEM types of oil filters.

It is best suited for use with the Subaru’s engine oil, but you can also use it with the other types or brands of oil. This filter has a rubber gasket.

Toyota Genuine 90915-YZZD1 Filter

This is a genuine oil filter which is similar to the one pre-installed in a new vehicle. This is a high-quality filter with a very high efficiency. With this filter, you are guaranteed of a cleaner engine; it helps in reducing the debris and contaminants from oil thereby increasing the performance of your engine. This filter is recommended for being used with Toyota’s motor oil products, but you can still use it with the other oil brands.

FRAM-XG7317 Oil filter

This is a synthetic oil filter is equipped with a sure grip material for allowing a tighter fit. This filter can keep your engine free from contaminants for up to 15,000 miles. This filter is specifically designed to be used with the synthetic motor oils. This filter is equipped with an efficient synthetic blend media which is fitted with a special metallic screen thereby facilitating uniform pleating.

Cummins -Onan122-0836 oil filter

This filter is mainly used in generators where it replaces the gas model filters. It is also fitted with its anti-drain valve. It allows the generators continue functioning at the optimum level for an extended period.

 K&N  PS-10008 pro-series oil filter

This filter works by enhancing the performance of the engine by reducing its restriction. This filter is designed in such a way that it resembles the traditional fluted canister. It can also handle almost all the grades of the synthetic, standard and blended motor oil thus improving the performance of the engines.